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4 Signs Of A Poor Car Window Tinting Job


When done properly, car window tinting is one of the best things you can do to your car. At the same time, it can be the worst thing you can do to your vehicle when done improperly. A poor tinting job will give your car a cheap, unpleasant look that you don’t deserve. To help you out, here are signs of a poorly done tinting job:


Are there bubbles between the glass window and the tint film? There shouldn’t; therefore, if you find them you should know that the tinting work is improperly done. The presence of bubbles in your windows is a sign that the tint installer used a poor quality film. It’s also an indication that the installer isn’t keen on his/her work thus he/she didn’t take the time to remove the bubbles using the right tools.


A properly done tint can last for years; therefore, if yours has started peeling after a few weeks or days, you most likely got a poor job done. Premature peeling comes about when the contractor you hire uses a poor quality film. The peeling will also happen when the contractor poorly installs the film. Auto window tinting professionals also observe that peeling comes about when you roll down the windows when the film isn’t entirely dry; therefore, before you judge the contractor, first determine whether you were too impatient to open your car windows.


The details define the quality of any product. To tell how good the auto glass tinting professional was at his/her work, you should take a look at how well the tinting film is done around the window edges. If a top-notch installer does the work, the edges will be a fine line that is close to the edge of the window pane and shouldn’t waver. If the line is crooked, you have got a poorly done tinting job.


While it’s common for the tint to fade after some time due to exposure to sunlight, it shouldn’t start disappearing after a few days or weeks. If yours is starting to turn pink and you just brought your car from the car tinting shop, a shoddy job has been done. You should note that a good tinting doesn’t have to be always black—even lighter tints are as effective and of a better quality like their darker counterparts. You only need to ensure that the car window tinting is of high quality.

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