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Car Window Tinting Tips

Car window tinting is a tantalizing way to add more value to your prized cars without putting a hole in your wallet. Those of you who own cars that have delicate and eye-catching interiors must make it an absolute priority that you get your vehicle windows tinted as the blazing sun can damage sensitive leather and cause the colors to fade. Also if you love taking long rides in your car, investing in a proper car window tinting service can prevent those deadly UV rays from wreaking havoc on your skin.

Read the labels

If you’re buying an auto window tinting roll, make sure that you scan the product details very carefully. Give higher priorities to rolls that provide a higher percentage of solar energy rejection as they tend to keep your car cooler and protected.

Invest in high-quality material

There are multiple materials such as carbon film, metalized film, ceramic film and the regular old cheap plastic film with which most common car windows tinting rolls are made of. A more expensive ceramic film offers the most protection and will give you that perfect finish on your vehicle windows compared to cheap plastic films. These also tend to last longer than the plastic films which will wither out eventually.

Take your time when deciding the shade

Window tints are very durable meaning that a single wrong choice can leave you disappointed for a long time. If you’re not sure which shade you should go for, you can always use an online car window tint simulator. You can also do your research online and find the right shade for your type of car.

Unless you’re Dead Broke, Let the Pros do their job

Window tints are interesting because they can be customized to varying budgets. If you can afford it, always prefer vehicle window tinting professionals to install the car tints as they often produce perfect fits. But if you’re low on budget, you can always install it from a guide but take your time, especially if you opted for the more expensive tints.


These are car window glass tinting tips you should consider when tinting your car. While you can install the film on your own, it’s always wise to let a professional do the work. In addition to the professional saving you time and money, he/she also always does a better job.

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