Automotive Window Tint

Window tint is likely the number one vehicle modification in the automotive industry. And there are many good reasons to get your vehicle’s windows tinted. For many vehicle owners, heat, harmful UV rays, privacy are their main concerns.

Depending on the VLT level of tint. Window tint can improve privacy and protect you from a smash and grab. Window tinting also blocks up to 99% harmful UV rays, protect your skin and your vehicle’s interior from harmful UV rays. Window tinting also reduces over all heat in the vehicle up to 60%.

  • Add privacy.
  • Reduce interior heat gain.
  • Prevent interior sun damage.
  • Improve your vehicle’s appearance.
  • Protect your skin from harmful UV rays.
  • Reduce sun glare for safer driving.
  • Protects skin with an SPF Rating of up to 1,000


Tesla Window Tint

Solar heat makes the A/C run which drains your Tesla’s battery. Tinting your Tesla’s windows with a high IR rejection film can help reduce interior heat and allow the A/C to work more efficiency and helps improve your mileage.
  • Add privacy
  • Reduce interior heat gain
  • Prevent interior sun damage
  • Improve your vehicle’s appearance
  • Protect your skin from harmful UV rays
  • Reduce sun glare for safer driving

Online Automotive Tint Viewer

Please use our film viewer to help you envision what your car will look like and to aid the selection process for your tint.

With over 3000+ individual models to choose from and their OEM Paint colors, you'll know exactly how your call will look before we apply the film.

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