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July 12, 2019
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Scratching your Head Because of Car Scratch? Essential Tips on Removing Car Scratches

Before going to work or driving elsewhere, you would naturally make sure that your car is shiny and squeaky clean. You go ahead to your destination and park your car in the nearby parking lot. Hours later, you come back with a long scratch mark on one of the car doors. Understandably, you would get upset seeing that deep scratch on your car.

This could have been avoided if you installed a car bodywork protection film on your vehicle. There are a lot of clear car protection film installers available to install a protective film on your car. But what happened has already happened and you should learn from this experience instead.

Benefits of using car protection films

Unlike car window tinting, car paint protection films are not as popularly used. It does exist and is available in window tint shops or other similar establishments. However, few people realize how important installing car paint protection films can be.

The car’s paint job is constantly exposed to outdoor elements. Hence, it only makes sense to give the protection your car deserves. That said, it is a good idea to install a car paint protection film for your car. Here are reasons why you should do it now.

It provides protection against scratches.

The major benefit of using car paint protection films is to avoid the presence of scratches on your car’s exteriors. Car protection films are made from materials that revert to its original shape when scratched.

It preserves the car’s paint job.

Aside from preventing scratches, a car protection film also helps in preserving its paint job quality. In case you don’t know yet, car paint fades over time the more it is exposed to outside elements. If you want to preserve your car’s paint job, you should install a car protection film.

It can save you money.

Installing a car paint protection film can help you save hundreds or even thousands of dollars’ worth of repainting and waxing jobs every now and then. A car paint protection film can be initially expensive, but it can be worth the price in the long run.

It is easy to remove.

Like auto window tinting, car paint protection films may eventually peel off over time and need replacing. The good news is that it won’t leave traces of adhesive when the car paint protection film is removed. If there is, it will most likely only be minimal and will be gone by wiping it.

What if your car does not have a paint protection film?

With the abovementioned benefits of paint protection films, it should be time to change your mind and consider installing one for your car. But if the scratching has already happened, there are still ways to remove the mark. Here are some ways.

Repaint it.

First, clean the scratched area using soap and water and let dry. Using sandpaper, sand the scratch carefully. When done, brush off any debris. Paint the scratched area using touch up paint. Make sure to use the exact paint shade as your car’s paint.

Use toothpaste.

Apparently, you can also use toothpaste to remove car scratches. Simply smear a good amount of toothpaste, preferably whitening toothpaste, onto a soft and damp cloth and wipe it directly on the scratched area. This may only work if the scratch isn’t too deep.

Use a commercial scratch removal product.

Make sure that the area is clean before applying the scratch removal product. There are also scratch repair kits available in the market you can use.

How to take care of the car paint protection film

You can hire 3M paint protection film installers for your car protection film installation needs. Also, here are some tips on taking care of your car paint protection film.

  • Avoid washing your car within a week after applying the film.
  • Make sure not to hit the film’s edges when you are using a pressure washer in cleaning the car.
  • Remove any dirt from the car’s surface (ex. bird poop or bug splatter) the moment it occurs.
  • Do not wipe the surface using a dry cloth. Instead, make sure that the car film’s surface is damp before wiping it.

Install a car paint protection film now

For your car paint protection film installation needs, make sure to deal only with the best clear car protection film installers in Springfield VA. Call one now and check out a wide variety of car film brands that will suit your budget and needs.

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