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May 30, 2022
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June 16, 2022

Are you getting tired of your old car window tinting? It might seem unnecessary if you have never paid for a high-end application, but it makes your driving experience a lot more comfortable.

Together with keeping your car a lot cooler during the summer and easier to see out when the sun is glaring, you can enjoy more privacy.

The longevity of your car window tint films will perform as what was intended depending on several factors and conditions it is under. Keep in mind that the amount you pay will match the quality of the product, which means it is better to make a good investment right from the start.

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Causes of Fading

You might have noticed that throughout the years, some tinted windows fade and turn to purple. Not all of them actually have this fate. Fading happens more with window films and not for architectural grade window tints, but it can happen regardless of the brand.

There is no conclusion on why

become purple, but a lot of experts have reached the assumption that UV rays cause dye failure by a lot of window film manufacturers. This is most likely because of the dyes used to tint were applied after the coating. This is more common in cheaper window films.

Car Climate

The interiors of your car are protected even when you park it under the sun. The extra heat can wear down slowly on the adhesive of your films and cause peeling or bubbling. Before you determine the duration of your window tint, consider where you are going to live. When you live in the northern climate, your auto tint will last longer compared to living in a warmer and more humid climate. Whatever the climate is, you can choose your vehicle in the garage to minimize the impact of climate.

Product Quality and Type

Product elements, like the kind of tint used and how it was installed, will affect how long it takes for the film to fade. The lower-quality ones might display color fading after a couple of months of installation. The higher quality ones can last up to 20 years. If the dye is low-quality, it is common for yellow additives to start fading quicker compared to the pigments of red and blue. That is the reason why some car tints fade and turn purple over time.

Films that do not have ultraviolet-blocking (UV) polyester will fade faster than those that have it. When you choose a tint that uses high-quality materials made by trusted manufacturers make sure that your aftermarket tint retains the same color and it is scratch-free even after many years.

What to Avoid

Fading is something that you do not have to worry about if you do not allow your car window tint to cure. Therefore, the film would have to be reinstalled for a small fee.

Before doing this, make sure to not clean or roll down your windows until you are positive that the film has completely cured. You would also want to avoid using harsh chemicals or even ammonia on your windows.

You should not use scrapes or razor blades on your windows even when you are trying to get rid of bugs or droppings. This is because a lot of people overestimate how strong the window film is and you will end up scratching or cracking it. Make sure that you handle your car tint with a lot of care.

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