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June 7, 2022
Things You Did Not Know About Car Tints
June 29, 2022

Most of the time people tint their car windows since it gives cars a nice and sleek look, which protects the interior from UV damage. It allows you more privacy, and aside from being pleasing, tinted windows are a practical component for any car detailing. Window tint is able to block 99% of any UV radiation, which helps you to protect your skin and the interior of your car. It helps you insulae the car, saving money on fuel since you no longer need to turn on the AC. Lastly, it is helpful in preventing your windows from shattering in case of a collision.

After you pay for auto glass tinting, you need to know how to clean it properly.

What to Prepare

  • Shade – Washing your car under a shaded spot instead of direct sunlight makes things dry slower. That means your job becomes easier, and there is also less chance of water spots.
  • Ammonia-free soap – While tint is normally applied inside the windows instead of the outside, ammonia-free soap is normally better for any part of your car.
  • Microfiber towels – Do not use abrasive or paper cotton. Microfiber towels are soft and they can absorb so much water. You need at least one towel when they will apply the wash solution and another towel for drying.

Different Types of Tints

Metallized – Tiny metallic particles that are embedded within this material, can reflect the heat as well as darken glass at the same time. This particle layer is placed between an adhesive base that is adhesive and a protective topcoat and it will produce a thicker film. However, because of the way the tint is made, it can give off a shiny appearance that is not according to everyone’s liking and it may interfere with radio reception or cellphone signals. At the same time, it is good for reflecting and blocking heat.

Dyed – Window tint film is applied to the inside part of windows by using a heat gun and adhesive. This type is very common and relatively cheap but it does not provide a lot of protection against UV radiation.

Ceramic window tint – This one is coated using a thin layer of ceramic. It allows superior protection against UV radiation and heat but it is the most expensive tinting option as well.

Maintenance to Assure its Longevity

Since the tinted car windows are washed, why not offer your customers some friendly tips in order to boost the longevity of the tint. Yes, part of it will depend on the tint because a cheap job is going to last a few years, while something nicer can last a lifetime. However, customers require a few steps to ensure longevity.

  • Apply a glass cleaner – Spray the product onto a microfiber cloth. You will want to use only one microfiber cloth and then a separate one to dry it. You should try not to saturate your tint edges using a cleaner. If the liquid goes underneath the tint, it could lose adhesion, and then it will start to peel away.
  • Wipe vertically and horizontally. If you see that there are leaks left behind, that normally means your window or cloth was very dirty. You can reapply the cleaner if necessary, so make sure to only use a clean cloth. Make sure to be consistent with the stroke you use because you might end up leaving more residue.
  • Repeat – You should spray and wipe both sides (interior and exterior) part of all the windows.

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