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Protective Car Film And Other Ways Of Protecting Your Car Paint


Worn out car paint is not only ugly, but it also reduces the value of the car thus you end up selling it at a low price. To maintain the beautiful look of the car and sell it at a high price, you should take good care of your paint. There are many ways of doing it. Some of these ways include:

Applying a protective car film

One of the most effective ways of protecting your car paint is using a protective car film. All you need to do is head to your local store and buy the protective film. Just like when purchasing any other product, invest in a high-quality film as it stretches more. It also tends to last for a long time. To install the film, you need isopropyl alcohol, distilled water, and dishwashing detergent. You should start by washing the entire vehicle and remove any dirt and debris that might be there.

Once you are done, unroll the film on your vehicle and let it sit for up to 15 minutes. After this spray the hood with a detergent solution. For optimum results, get rid of any bubbles that might be there. If you can’t squeegee all the bubbles out, leave them on—they will disappear on their own. Be cautious of the air bubbles as they don’t disappear thus leave your car looking ugly. The best way of going about it is popping them with a pin.

Wax the car

If you don’t want to go through the trouble of installing a protective film, you can always wax your car. There are many types of waxes you can use in your work. The most common being liquid, spray, paste, and wipe-on. Different waxes give different results. Before you buy any, do ample research. Also, consider seeking the advice of experts. You can apply the wax on your own if you have the necessary skills but for ideal results, take your car to an auto shop for the work to be done by experts.

Car cleaning

While simple, car cleaning is a highly effective method of protecting your vehicle paint. By cleaning your car, you get rid of dust. You also remove acidic bugs that degrade the paint color. To maintain the proper look of the paint, wash your car daily.


These are tips on how to maintain your car paint. If you opt to protect the paint by applying a film, use the best paint protection film for cars. The same thing applies if you choose to protect your vehicle by wax.

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