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Car Protection Films vs. Ceramic Coating: Which is Better?

Every vehicle windows should have car window tinting to protect you and your passengers. An auto glass tinting also protects your car interior against the sun’s harmful UV rays and lessens the glare that can affect the driver’s vision while navigating the road. However, not only the vehicle’s interiors should be protected against the harsh outdoor weather but also the exteriors as well.

Car paint protection films are specially made to protect the car’s exterior surface. A car bodywork protection film resists harsh outdoor elements, bird poo, bug splatters, and other sorts of dirt and debris. However, choosing the right car paint protection can be overwhelming. Aside from paint protection films (PPF), there is another option called a ceramic coating.

Having said that, you may be confused between the two. Which one should you choose? What are the pros and cons of using each car paint protection option? Better yet, can you combine the two for better results? Here are some things you need to know about these popular car paint protection options.

What is a paint protection film?

A paint protection film refers to a transparent film material that is applied to the car’s exterior surface. PPF was originally made as a protective film for helicopter blades during the Vietnam War. Later on, it was used on cars as a protection against different kinds of damages such as scratches, chips, chemical stains, hard water, and fading due to sun exposure.

Nowadays, a PPF is often recommended to be applied on car surfaces to preserve the car’s paint quality. It also has a self-healing property that reverts to its shape when there is an occurrence of scratches. For proper installation, you should let paint protection film installers do the job.

It also makes the vehicle look more aesthetically appealing. As mentioned, it is made from clear film material and highlights the beauty of the vehicle’s exteriors. Plus, most clear car protection films carry a warranty for both labor and material.

What is a ceramic coating?

Meanwhile, a ceramic coating is a type of car paint protection made from liquid polymer. This type of coating is applied to the car’s exterior surface. It then bonds with the car paint and forms a protective layer that makes it water and dirt-resistant. Likewise, it makes the car easier to clean and maintain.

Aside from that, a ceramic coating also lessens the risk of damage due to chemical stains. At the same time, it prevents premature paint fading due to constant sun exposure. If you have noticed, paint protection films and ceramic coating can offer a similar level of protection for your car.

Which is better?

By this time, you may feel torn in choosing which among the two you will get for your car. As mentioned, both options can provide a similar level of protection for your car’s exteriors. For example, both provide protection against harsh outdoor elements including UV rays, acid rain, and animal droppings among a few.

Both PPF and ceramic coating lessens the risk of paint color fading and oxidation due to exposure to harmful UV rays. The two also resists marks and stains that usually occur when you apply car wax. Plus, it makes your car look brand-new every time.

However, there are some noted differences between PPF and ceramic coating. One of them is their composition: the former is a made from vinyl or polymer material, while the latter comes in liquid form. 3M paint protection film installers apply the film and wrap it around the entire vehicle exteriors. On the other hand, the ceramic coating is applied using a sponge, spread onto the car surface, dry a little bit, and then buffed so it will stick onto the surface.

Cleaning is also easier when applied with ceramic coating. It makes the paint look glossier and less water-resistant. On the other hand, PPF makes the vehicle more resistant to dirt and debris. However, installing PPF can make the car look more matte unlike when applied with ceramic coating.

Choose your protection

At the end of the day, your choice will depend on two major things: your car protection requirements and your budget. It will also depend on how you want your car to look like. As mentioned, the ceramic coating can make your car look glossy while PPF can make it matte-like.

The latter can also be expensive than the former and should be installed by professional paint protection film installers. Contact clear car protection film installers in Springfield VA for your car protection needs.

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