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October 22, 2020
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October 29, 2020
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All About Vehicle Window Tinting Films

vehicle window tinting

Vehicle window tinting is one of the ways of improving the look of the car. It also protects the insides of the vehicle. When you are choosing the tinting film, its good you know that there are many types of tinting films that you can go for. Some of the most common ones include:

Anti-grit tinting films

These protect the car hood, bumper, fenders, and the entire surface of the car from chips, scratches, gravel, and other mechanical damages. The most attractive thing with the film is that its flexible; therefore, you can apply it to any part of the body, leaving no visible traces of its application.

Colorful film

From its name, this is a film that adds color to the car body. The tint protects the surface of the car or changes its appearance. The tints give texture to the car and its elements. For example, you can apply it to highlight the hood or bumper.

Protective films

The protective film provides the car glass with additional strength. Due to the added strength, it’s difficult to beat or shoot the glass. When you install it, you have more peace of mind as you know that you are protected whether you are a driver or passenger. Most of the films have a thickness of 50 to 200 microns.

To install it you only need to visit a tint shop where its applied on the outer side of the car windows. When you install it, you should have no issues as it’s reliable and resists impact.

Colored film with the transition

The transition is from black to any color such as red, blue, and green. When you install the auto window tinting film, it has a very original look especially if the color of the film matches the color of the car.

With time, the film loses its color which might give your car an ugly look. Due to this, it’s recommended that you avoid using it for a long time. If you notice it fading, you should replace it almost immediately.

Sunlight dubbing films

The sunlight car dubbing films protect your car’s dashboard from overheating. Upon installation of the film, it reflects ultraviolet light, eliminates the sun glare, absorbs bright sunlight and ensures that your car is comfortable the entire day.


These are some of the car window tinting films that you can go for. To get the most from them, ensure that they are installed in reputable window tint shops.

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