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October 8, 2020
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All About Car Window Tinting

car window tinting

Do you have a car? You should highly consider installing car window tinting. This is due to the benefits that it comes with.

Benefits of tinting your car

There are plenty of benefits that come with tinting your car. Some of these benefits include:

Keep environmental hazards off: When you install the protection film you keep off bird droppings and tree sap off of your car. In addition to these materials affecting the look of your car, they also put your car paint at the risk of losing its quality. Certain elements such as berries have also been found to change the color of the car permanently.

When you install the protective car film, you ensure that the materials don’t reach the paint thus leaving it looking as good as new.

UV protection: Just like your skin, when you leave the car outside, it’s affected by UV radiation. When you install the film, you block the UV radiation from getting on your vehicle thus the paint job doesn’t fade due to the exposure. This leaves your car looking bright, vibrant, and the paint lasts for a long time.

You save more: Since by undertaking car window glass tinting you protect your car paint from damage, you have an easy time maintaining the car. To give the car a beautiful look, you only need to use a soft material, and the car will look as good as new.

Car tinting material options

As you have seen, there are plenty of benefits that come with tinting your car. When tinting your car, there are many window tinting film options that you can go with. Some of these options include:

3M Scotchgard: This protection film is known for its long life. When you install it, it will protect your car paint for up to seven years. The cool thing is that it’s clear to most paint colors thus your vehicle retains the original color.

CREED: The film utilizes the nano-coating technology to protect your car from dings, stains, chips, and discoloration. The film comes with plenty of benefits as its non-yellowing and self-healing.

SunTek: Just like CREED, this film is self-healing. To fix any issues that it might be having you only need to pour hot water over the scratched surface and all the scratches will go away.


These are the benefits of installing auto window tinting and the options that you can go for. For ideal results, ensure that the installation is done in reputable window tint shops.

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