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May 3, 2019
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May 23, 2019

Most people would think car paint protection films are only made for fancy. These vehicle owners would rather spend on decals and customized paint jobs than installing a paint protection film. But it can be one of the most valuable investments you can make for your ride. In fact, a lot of automotive shops offer car bodywork protection film installation services.

If it’s hot or you’re going to swim at the beach, you need some protection to prevent sunburns. If it’s raining outside, you need an umbrella or a raincoat so you won’t get wet. The same applies to your car – it also needs some kind of protective layering against harsh outdoor elements. Well, it’s time to call paint protection film installers now.

What is car paint protection films for?

It has several names: “clear bra”, automotive paint protection film, car protection film, Invisible Shield, Clear Wrap, 3M Paint Protection Film, and so on. All of these have one thing in common: it offers protection for your car’s exterior paint job. At the same time, it keeps your car looking good as new.

Paint protection films are made from several components. Among several benefits of using car paint protection films include the following:

  • Resists stains and corrosion such as bird droppings, chemical stains, and watermarks among a few
  • Protects against scratches and chips due to dirt and debris
  • Prevents premature fading due to harmful UV rays
  • Returns to its true shape even after getting stretched
  • Absorbs the damage due to scratches, hence its “self-healing” feature
  • Easy removal when it wears out over time
  • Saves you extra money and time from using cleaning wax or frequent car washing just to make it look shiny all the time

With the above benefits, it should be a good choice to have yours installed by clear car protection film installers. Not only can it make the car paint look like new but also make sure it will be protected from harmful outdoor elements.


Car protection films feature three components, each of which serves its specific purpose. These parts include:

Clear coat

This part is the one most exposed to outside elements. It is made from elastomeric polymers which have the special ability to return to its natural shape after getting disfigured or stretched. It also has a surface that prevents sticky dirt like bug splatters and bird droppings from sticking on it.


Polyurethane is transparent, lightweight, durable, and versatile. It is similar to plastic material, but the former is more resistant against damages unlike the latter. It also has the “self-healing” property as a clear coat. This component was originally used by the US Military’s fighter jets’ noses. Years later, it was also used in other aircraft and race cars.


This is the part of the film that clings or attaches to the body of the car. Earlier versions of protective films installed by 3M paint protection film installers discolor over time. Nowadays, paint protection films are more flexible and less discoloration.

Other car care tips

By now, you may already be considered to have car paint protection films installed. But while your car doesn’t have it yet, it is important to take extra care of your vehicle. One way is by address stains on the car exteriors. Among common causes of car body staining include acid rain.

Acid rain is basically rain but it contains acidic elements that can be harmful when came into contact with. This includes your car. In effect, it can ruin your car’s paint job and cause damage to the body material. To prevent the occurrence of ugly acid rain marks on your car, here are some tips you can do.

Using clay to remove the marks.

There is a specific type of clay bar used to remove unsightly marks and stains on a car body. After spraying the affected area using distilled water, mold the clay bar flat and gently wipe the stain. Spray water again when the clay starts to stick on the car surface.

Using watermark remover to remove stains.

These are commonly used in cleaning glass surfaces. However, it can work on car bodyworks as well. Clean the surface first before applying the product on the car body using a clean sponge. Spray with distilled water before wiping the area dry.

Is a paint protection film worth it?

Car owners only want the best for their vehicles. Whether you want to have car window tinting or a car bodywork protection film, it is important to choose the one with the best services. For your car protection needs, find only the reliable paint protection film installers in Springfield VA.


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