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April 23, 2019
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Differences Between Glass Tints and Window Films

We bring umbrellas when it is raining. We use sunblock lotion when we are about to go swimming in the summer sun. Like us, our cars also need some kind of protection against harsh weather. Likewise, there should also have protection for those inside the car.

That is why most vehicles have car window tinting. Auto window tinting is important as it filters harmful UV rays and reduces glare and heat from entering the car. It can also offer privacy and safety for those inside the vehicle. Plus, it can enhance the vehicle’s overall appearance.

Most vehicles have “factory tints” courtesy of their respective manufacturers. However, it is only placed on the rear glass and the top of the windshield. You can find a wide assortment of auto glass tinting in various window tint shops near you.

Most of these shops offer window tints and car bodywork protection film. It depends on your needs, but these are great investments for your vehicle. Make sure to find a trusted automotive shop with accommodating and skilled personnel.

Car window tint vs. window film

An automotive window tint and a window film are often interchanged and confused to be the same thing. To clarify, a car window tint and window film may refer to two different things.

The former refers to the “tint darkness” level of a window film. The latter, on the other hand, refers to the material used for window tinting.

A car window tint is designed to reduce or block out UV rays, solar heat, and glare. The tint level may also vary, but it usually ranges from 5 to 20 percent tint darkness. A lot of window tint shops offer different window tint brands as well as installation services.

Factory tints are an example of car window tint. These are done by the manufacturer before it gets released on the market. It does not use a film, but rather a process called “deep dipping”. However, it won’t guarantee sun and glare protection as window films.

Meanwhile, a window film is made from polyester material and comes in roll form. It is attached to the car windows and can be dyed, metalized, or crystalline, or ceramic. Car window films usually come in black or gray, but there are also other colors available aside from the two.

Other uses for window tints and films

Aside from vehicles, window tints are also used in residential and commercial windows. Like in vehicles, it offers privacy and reduces heat from entering inside the room. Window tints are also a great way to conserve energy and save on electric bills. Plus, window tints look attractive and can enhance the structure’s aesthetic.

Meanwhile, window films are also being used for graphic design for branding and advertising purposes. The material is also applied to vehicles for business and personal purposes. Some automotive shops offer these kinds of services aside from the standard car window film and tinting.

Choosing a window film

Apparently, window films may not be suitable for all types of glass. It will depend on the glass and film’s compatibility, glass pane size and thickness, and the window construction.

Choosing the right window film is also crucial so that the glass won’t crack due to thermal stress. Window film application should be done only by professional window tint shops. This is to ensure that the film will be applied to the car window properly.

Window film and tint care tips

Window film installation can be expensive depending on the shop and the brand used. Nevertheless, car owners should take care of their car window films. Here are some tips for proper window film and tint care:

  1. Avoid using bristled brushes or paper towels when cleaning the car windows. Instead, use a microfiber towel or a clean sponge or cloth that won’t scratch the film material.
  2. Use warm soapy water or commercial window cleaners to clean the glass window. Use a different sponge or towel when wiping other parts of the car.
  3. Wipe in gentle, swiping motion when cleaning the car window. Avoid applying too much pressure when wiping the window. Make sure to wipe the window dry using a clean, dry towel or cloth.

For your car window tinting needs, trust only the experts. Find the best car window tinting shop in Springfield today!

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