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August 31, 2021
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Types of Car Window Tint: What Works for your Car

Auto window tinting will not only protect your car interiors from sun damage but will also give your car a customized and stylish look. To get the best out of the tint it’s important that the installation is done by an expert at the window tint shop. Choosing the right tint is an uphill task for most people and that’s why in this article we look to make it easy for you. We look at the different types of car tints available and which best suits your drive.

Different Types of Window and the Advantages of Each

Dyed Window Film

The dyed window is made by placing dye between a protective polyester top coating, and the adhesive layer. The protective coating will prevent the tint from abrasion and scratches, while the adhesive layer sticks to the auto window. The auto tint is able to block 5-50% of the sun rays from entering your car

Advantages of using dyed Window Film

  • Dyed window film produces an opaque appearance and promotes increased privacy
  • This auto tint will not interfere with radio waves as it doesn’t interfere within glass antenna
  • Protects your car interiors from fading
  • Due to its opaque appearance, it blocks unwanted glare from bright lights and headlights
  •  It’s cost-effective


The dyed film has the following disadvantages

  • If installed unprofessionally it results in the unattractive bubbled appearance
  • Compared to other options it blocks less UV rays
  • With time the dye fades and will need to be replaced. The UV rays can break down the dye and turn it into purple color
  • The layers may separate from each other

Metalized Window Film

The metalized auto window tinting is made of a base layer of adhesive, then a film which is treated to block UV rays, bonded to a metalized layer that causes the window to be dark and reflect heat. The top of the film has a protective layer to prevent scratches.

Advantages of the metalized auto tint

Below are reasons why you should consider tinting your car with this film;

  • It blocks out heat by reflecting it before it enters the car. It’s quite effective in heat blocking
  • It’s effective in glare reduction
  • Efficiently blocks UV rays
  • It doesn’t fade easily and lasts long
  • Enhances your car window strength. Once installed it increases shatter resistance.
  • Gives your car a unique shine


Before you decide to use the metalized auto, window tint consider the following.

  • Interferes with radio technology, block your cell phone signal and stop your tire monitoring systems from working well among other issues.
  • Due to a metallic substance that gives your car a shine which you may not like.
  • Cost more than the dyed auto tint

Hybrid Tint Film

The hybrid tint film has the features of both dyed and metallic leaving out the disadvantages. Its made of an adhesive layer, metallic layer and outer protective coat bonded together by a laminating adhesive. It’s able to block everything apart from light.


Reasons why hybrid is the best option

  • The reflective metal content helps to block heat effectively
  • Blocks glare and UV rays
  • Low chances of fading
  • The metalized layer increases the durability of the tint
  • The tint is made with fewer metal particles and therefore doesn’t interfere with radio and cell signals
  • It’s not reflective and too shiny as a small amount of metal is used


It’s costlier than the dyed auto tint. This is the best kind of auto tint as it doesn’t have any major disadvantages

Ceramic Auto film

The ceramic window tint is made of a thin ceramic layer, adhesive, and top protective coat. The ceramic help reflect the heat and cause the window to darken blocking out 30-50% of the light


Reasons why you should consider ceramic auto tint for your car

  • Very efficient at blocking heat, UV rays, and light glare.
  • It doesn’t fade
  • Allows signals to pass through making it good for in glass antennae
  • It does shine too much


  • Ceramic window tint is the most expensive auto tint.

Tint Application Methods

It’s important that the tint you choose is applied by the experts at the car window tinting shop to ensure best results. Below car auto tint application methods

  • Dry wrap application

This technique requires skills to ensure a good outcome as the process is more difficult to handle. It’s best to let the expert at the auto window tinting shop apply the tint.

  • Wet Application method

The method is relatively easy. After application, you will need to press the tint to ensure it sticks.

Weigh Your Options

It’s imperative that you consider all the above auto tint options and compare, make sure the choice of tint is within your budget, and its functional. The experts at the car auto tint shop Springfield will help you choose what works best for you, durable and gives you the aesthetic value.

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