How to Prepare Your Car for Window Tinting
February 22, 2023
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March 14, 2023

Paying for a car window tinting shop to work on your car brings immense value and benefit. Therefore, it is important to choose the harsh UV rays that make your car look amazing. An auto window tint needs expert installation, otherwise, the result is going to be disappointing. If you want to know the problems of auto window tinting, this article is going to tell you what they are.

Whether you have window tinting in your car or you want to get it, you should understand the issues that can develop. This is going to help you identify if the company did a good job, and you can determine when old car tinting should be replaced.

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Signs of blurriness occur at one or two possibilities. You can see blurry window tint after the installation, but this normally only means it needs a few days to cure. If there are problems after five days or more, then you might have to have your tinting readdressed.

The tint can get blurry as it ages. If you can see the blurriness in the windows after a few years of clarity, you have to consider getting a tint replacement.

You Chose a Tint that is Too Dark

You cannot just choose whatever kind of window tint you want and have it applied to your car. Each state has its own laws when it comes to the kind of tint you use, and there are also certain laws for each.

Therefore, you might not be able to add the same tint to every car window.

Before buying a tint, you have to spend some time researching the window tint laws your state is enforcing. You should figure out how dark you are allowed to go so you do not accidentally apply an illegal film on your car.

The Film is Peeling Off

Peeling can come from trapped moisture because of high temperatures. The water molecules will cause the film to peel off. If there is a small peel, the auto tint installer will be able to do the sectional replacement, but if it is huge, it is going to require a whole tint replacement.

Peeling can be caused by excessive heat, and the problem should not appear for many years unless you like to go to extreme temperatures.


This is an issue that can be caused by trapped moisture from a bad installation. If you see bubbles that are forming long after installation, it might be because of excessive heat exposure. Normally, this happens when a car is almost constantly parked in the sun in a region that does not see cloudy days.

Notably, cheap products will bubble sooner. If it is DIY, you might notice bubbling within six months or more after installing the tint.

Trying to Apply the Tint Yourself

Tinting the windows might seem to be a simple job, but it is not.

This is a tricky process, and if you do not have the right experience and tools, you can ruin your windows. For instance, it might initially look okay, but after some time, it can start to bubble and peel. This will obstruct your view while driving, which makes it unsafe.

Taking your film back off is harder compared to putting it on. You will probably take it to a professional to remove the film and fix the issue, which means you would have to spend more money as time goes by. Your investment will not be worth it.

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