How to Remove Bubbles from the Car Window Tint
July 30, 2022
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August 22, 2022

Aside from it looking classy and cool, auto window tinting has a lot of practical benefits for you. Window tint adds security and safety, hiding your important valuables and reduces the risk of glass shattering caused by accidents.

These tints are an accessory to any car, but they also protect you from harmful UV rays that go inside your car, secure your privacy, and add another layer of protection for your windows.

It ensures that tints are installed properly is important If you want to get your money’s worth. The surprising fact is that the majority of car owners are not aware of whether their tints are poorly installed or not. If you are one of them, you should not worry. Here’s what you should know:

Good Tint has Small and Clean Edges

If you want to tell if your car has a quality tint, you should see how close the film is to the window edge, and you should notice how clean and consistent it is. Top-notch installers use computerized templates with a pre-cut film, which results in a lone that is near the edge of your car’s window pane and it does not waver. Other than the old Mustang, where there is a huge gap and it looks shitty all around.

The Tint Films Used are High Quality

Top window tint companies have a high-quality tint in whatever shade you prefer. There are many options on the type of window tint you are looking to use. High-quality films have a good adhesive that does not fade easily.

Dot Matrix Improper Sticking

Dot matrix can be found on the windows of some cars. If the contractor did a bad job at tinting your car, the tint film is not going to stick properly around the dot matrix, and you will see that the tint film is in a zigzag pattern. If the tint film will not stick properly, it will not serve the purpose how it is intended to. Therefore, if you see a zigzag pattern in the tint film that goes around the dot matrix, you should know that a bad car tint job was done.

Good Warranties

Good auto window tinting companies offer always have warranties on the service they provide because they know that the window film they offer is of great quality. In case you get lucky, some of them even have a lifetime warranty. Bad window tinting stores are not offering warranties since they know that their products are not long-lasting.

There are No Cutouts

Many installers are going to cut out different sections of the films on the windshields for things such as your inspection or registration stickers, so you can take them out without causing damage to the film. A good install involves placing the stickers on a clear film that converts them to decals.

You See Bubbles

A poorly done car window tint also involves using poor-quality adhesive. Therefore, the adhesive is going to lose its thickness, so the bubbles will start to appear. Bubbles are unpleasant to look at, and it will not be long before the tint film peels off completely.

You Feel Hot Inside Your Car

In case your car feels hot despite having a darker shade of car window tints, it is an indication that the car window tint was poorly applied. Aside from that, the contractor used low-quality tint film that fails to keep heat out of the car.

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