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November 14, 2022
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How to Take Care and Maintain Your Auto Window Tint

If you want to protect your auto glass tinting, there are several ways to maintain it so you will always look new for a longer period. It is an excellent way to keep the inside part of your car feeling cool and it even improves visibility, especially during the summer.

It is not a secret that your window tints can be a big investment, which is the reason why you might want to take precautions to protect them. Asking questions is the primary way to know the information that is most applicable to your vehicle, but you should read this article until the end to learn more about it.

Only Clean it After a Month

it is not common for a new auto film to seem hazy after it has been installed, or even small pockets of a liquid form that are found beneath the surface. You must not attempt to clean the auto window tint just yet. The haze is a natural part of the process, and any lingering liquid evaporates, which leaves the best auto tint clear and smooth. However, regardless if the curing process is complete or not, you should not clean the windows until after a month to avoid damaging them.

Do Not Fuss About Water Pockets or Hazy Film

The last thing you will expect from a newly-tinted window is the haziness and little water pockets that form beneath the film, but do not try doing anything about it or jump to faulty installation. This is totally normal and temporary. During the first few days after applying the film, the windows might be cloudy or hazy because of the excess water between the film and glass since the squeegee cannot dry everything completely. Window film is porous and the water evaporates on its own, even if it will pool together in little pockets.

The time it takes to evaporate will depend on the weather – hot and sunny environments will cause it to dry faster, but normally, it takes two days to one month.

Take Care if There are Hard or Metal Objects

One of the easiest ways to damage your auto window tint is by making accidental contact with hard objects. This will scrape off the auto film with anything metal, like keys. This could cause permanent scratches in auto window tints, or it bumps into them while holding hard-edged or solid objects. The best type of auto tints will be harder to damage, so taking precautions around the auto film should make it last longer than usual.

It is Better to Handwash Your Vehicle

You should never visit an automated car wash to clean the vehicle because their machinery ends up scratching your car or it causes swirl marks to form. Instead, you need to handwash the vehicle, while thoroughly rinsing before using a good quality wash media and a car wash product that is compatible with the film.

Do Not Assume that Your Auto Window Tint is Invincible

A tinted film is durable, and the scratch-resistant coating on good quality tint products is excellent for protecting car windows when you use it every day, as well as kids and pets. But you must remember that being scratch-resistant does not mean that it is scratch-proof. Even if the problem is not the little paws and fingers, there are still ways you can scratch the film unintentionally.

You need to be careful when you load and unload anything that has sharp or hard edges.

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