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Reasons Why You Should Not Delay Windshield Replacement
March 14, 2023
Benefits of Ceramic Auto Window Tint
March 28, 2023

The windshield is among the most important car components. It prevents dust, dirt, insects, and other elements from entering the car. In addition, the windshield will play an important role when it comes to your safety in case of an unwanted accident.

After it has suffered from irreparable damage or crack, you would need to schedule a windshield replacement, which leaves you with brand-new glass. If you want to make sure that your windshield will stay in excellent condition, there are things you should remember. For instance, you can pay for auto glass tinting to protect your windshield. If you want to know what else you can do, you can read this article until the end.

Do Not Remove the Retention Tape

After installing the new windshield, the technician will not remove the retention tape. It will keep the glass from moving while it is curing.

You could be tempted to remove the retention tape, but you should not do that for 24 to 48 hours. In case you are unsure, you can talk to the installer when it is safe to remove the tape.

When you remove the retention tape before it was cured completely, dirt and other particles might get stuck.

Wait Before Driving the Vehicle

Replacing the windshield will require using an adhesive that holds the glass down while creating a strong, waterproof seal. You should give the adhesive enough time to drive the car for an hour after the installation. The technicians who are installing the windshield are going to remind you of this after completing the work.

When you get it for the first time, you should be careful to look for shards of glass that might be left over from the old windshield. Technicians try to make sure that the glass pieces have been cleaned up prior to returning the vehicle to the owner.

No Car Washes First

Car washes normally use high-pressure motor pumps, and jets to clean dirt and debris off the vehicle. In case the sealant or adhesive used to replace the windshield did not dry properly, these jets will ruin the strength. So, you are going to be left with an incorrectly installed windshield. If the car wash is using detergent or cleaning liquid, it could be abrasive to urethane, as well as to silicone-based adhesives and sealants. You should not wash your car at least 24 hours after the windshield replacement. Even if you want to have your car washed, you can get it done at home using mild soaps or detergents and soft water sprays. Keep in mind that you do not have to keep your new windshield away from water. Instead, you should avoid impact or pressure from strong water jets.

Be Gentle with the Car Doors

The opening and closing of vehicle doors can rapidly change after the pressure in your vehicle, which potentially compromises the integrity of an adhesive while it is curing. Slamming the car doors can puncture the seal as well. During the first couple of days after replacing your window, you should take time to close the doors gently.

Clear the Area Inside and Outside the Car

As the seal dries, you do not want to let anything stick to it or push against it. On the first day, you should not place any kind of cover on the exterior. You should also not use a sunshade on the inside of your windshield and prevent the dashboard from any clutter.

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