How Long Does It Take to Tint Car Windows?
April 28, 2024
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May 22, 2024

It can be disappointing to see tint bubbles in your newly installed tint, but you should know that water bubbles after application are common and will soon go away.  

 Water bubbles can take up to two weeks to vanish, and the speed at which they go away is impacted by how much sunlight your vehicle receives. 

 If the bubbling lasts more than two weeks, it could be dirt that never goes away. The window tint might also be poorly installed. 

You should know that when your tint is professionally installed in a reputable auto tint shop, there is a far lower possibility of dirt bubbling up or the tinting material being poorly installed. 

A window tint professional will also make sure that your film has no edges or light gaps and is carefully tucked behind your rubbers and inside your window channels. 

The custom-fit top and bottom edges will help ensure that your window tint adheres to the edge of your window without peeling when you raise or lower your windows. 

This is the proper way to tint a window so that it looks like factory-tinted glass.

What causes bubbles in your tinted material?

Bubbles can be brought about by a number of factors that include: 

Trapped air or water

Even the highest-quality tinted windows can occasionally develop bubbles, as air and water can become trapped in the pigment. This does not indicate bad installation or a low-cost product. 

 These natural bubbles should be modest and disappear after a few weeks. If you reside in a cold region, window tint bubbles may last longer. 

 If your window tint bubbles do not disappear after a few weeks, they are most likely the result of something else.

Poor installation

One of the most prevalent causes of poor window tint installation is improper cleaning. Dirt and debris can get caught in the film, resulting in bubbles. Good installers will thoroughly clean your windows before applying tint. 

 How can you tell if poor installation services cause the bubbles in your automobile windows? Wait around a week. If the bubbles remain after ten days, choose a new shop to tint your windows.

Cheap tint

Bubbles in window tint that last a week or more are not always indicative of installation issues. Instead, it indicates a low-cost product. Cheap tints may contain low-quality adhesives or films. 

Cheap tint tends to seem good initially, but bubbles appear over time. 

 If you’re on a tight budget, you might be tempted to buy inexpensive tint. However, you will be thankful in the long run for investing in a higher-quality product because your window tint will stay longer.

If you don’t have the budget for high-quality tinting material, you should delay the tinting until you can afford better tinting. 

What can you do to fix the bubbles?

The type of installation determines how you can fix bubbles in the window tint. If the device was professionally installed, you may be covered by a warranty, which will be quite beneficial, as all you need to do is go back to the tinting shop, and they will reinstall the tint. 

Keep in mind that while it is impossible to remove all dust before installation, most window film and installation warranties allow for a minor dust tolerance (also known as points). 

 If you find yourself in this predicament, the best thing you can do is return the vehicle to the installer and ask for their viewpoint.

If the tint is no longer under warranty, you can attempt to repair it at home. The same is true if you installed the tint yourself. 

You don’t want to use a sewing needle or a pin to pluck the bubbles. While this may temporarily remove the bubble, it will reappear whenever dust enters the hole you created, and you don’t want this.

Instead, use a hard, blunt object with a rounded edge that will not harm the tint to firmly push down around the spot, ensuring that the film adheres to the glass surrounding the dust particle. 

This should cause the air around the tip to adhere to the glass rather than dissipate like an air bubble. Unfortunately, this procedure is only applicable to small points and not major dirt contamination. 

 You must also be patient when placing window tint film. If you want it done right, you must be very careful and not rush.

If the bubbling is severe, it is better to remove the old film and apply new tinting. 

 Keep in mind that the quality of the installation is vital. If you did a poor job from the start and did not correctly install the film, the same thing will most likely happen again. So, if you want to ensure that your window tint is properly put and provides sun protection, you should seek professional assistance.

Let a reputable company install the tint.

Many window tint jobs include dust bubbles. Most of the dust is so small that it goes unnoticed by the human eye unless it is very close. 

 While dust bubbles seem fewer when window tint is done by a professional, regardless of how skilful the installer is, some dust may still be present under the tint.

Thankfully, most window tint makers’ warranties include certain dust. While this is the case, contamination and grime, are never acceptable.

To ensure that you aren’t left with bubbles in your tint, you should ensure that the work is done by a reputable car window tinting Springfield firm capable of correctly installing your window tint. 

Remember to thoroughly clean your windows entirely before applying the film.

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