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April 16, 2024
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Are you looking to undertake car window tinting and wondering how long it will take you to have it done? Well, there is no definite answer to this. It depends on a number of factors that, include:

Type of film you are installing

There are several types of tint films available, including colored, metallic, and ceramic. Each of these has unique installation procedures. Ceramic films, for example, take longer to process because of their thickness and advanced technology for improved heat rejection and UV protection.

This means that when you install them, it will take you a long time to complete the process.

Number of windows you are tinting

The more windows you tint, the longer the process will typically take. This means that tinting just one or two windows will take less time than tinting your entire vehicle’s windows.

Size and shape of the window

Windows with intricate shapes or larger sizes may take longer to properly cut and install tint film. This is because you need the exact alignment for a seamless effect.

The experience of the installer

A qualified and experienced tinting service provider can do the task more efficiently, saving time on installation. In contrast, less professional installers may take longer to properly apply the tint.

When you are installing the tinting material, you should take your time to research and find an experienced professional who will not only correctly install the tinting material, but also install it fast.


If you’re considering adding more customizations, such as beautiful patterns or gradients, you need more time. This means that if you are looking to complete the task fast, you should go for a plain tint.

If you have to customize the look, go for simple designs.

Environmental factors

Extreme temperatures and humidity levels can have an impact on the drying and curing process, thereby increasing the entire tinting time.

For the best outcome, consider having the tinting work done in a controlled environment.

Ways to speed up the tinting process

You don’t want to spend a lot of time tinting your car, do you? To ensure this doesn’t happen, you should devise ways to speed up the process. These ways include:

Work with a professional installer

For the best outcome, hire an expert and trustworthy tinting professional. Their experience and problem-solving abilities will significantly save installation time, ensuring precise application and a smooth finish.

Prepare your car in advance.

Before your appointment, properly clean your car’s windows. Removing dirt, dust, and debris creates an ideal surface for the tint film to stick to, saving time during preparation.

This means that the installation professional doesn’t have to start with the cleaning before installing the tinting film.

Choose simple designs

While beautiful patterns and sophisticated designs are enticing, they can also lengthen the installation process. If you want to have the job done quickly, go with conventional tinting.

Go with quick-curing films.

Certain tint films are engineered to cure faster than others. You should consider films with shorter curing durations to reduce the required time before driving your car.

It would also be good for you if you could go for pre-cut tint kits. These are intended to fit specific automobile models and window sizes. The kits eliminate the need to cut and trim tint film on-site, saving time during installation.

Dealing with window tint bubbles

One of the biggest hurdles you will come across when installing car window tint is tint bubbles. If you find window tint bubbles shortly after auto window tint is done, don’t worry too much.

Water bubbles may emerge in your auto window tint while it cures. They’ll go soon enough, leaving you with the ideal tint job on your vehicle.

However, if window tint bubbles persist after auto window tint installation, the situation would be different. In this situation, air and/or soap bubbles may be trapped beneath the tint, causing persistent bubbles.

Most of the time, these window tint bubbles are caused by a poor window tinting job. It shows that your windows were not correctly prepped for auto-tinting.

To fix the problem, ask your window tint installers to remove the tint and repeat the process.

Tint bubbles may emerge after your car’s windows have been tinted for an extended period of time. In this situation, the bubbles could suggest that the adhesive on your tint failed after exposure to the sun’s UV rays for so long.

You can try to get rid of the window tint bubbles in this case if you want. However, it will not always be possible if the adhesive is ineffective.

How do you fix the window tint bubbles?

If you recently had auto window tint installed and are already noticing window tint bubbles, don’t hesitate to return your car to the shop that did the work for you. Most places have warranties on their auto window tint, which allow you to get this problem resolved at no cost to you.

However, if you’ve had your car’s windows tinted for a while, your tint guarantee may no longer apply. It may be up to you to remove the bubbles.

To help you out, here are some measures you can take to eliminate window tint bubbles:

  • Warm your auto window tint by either parking your car in the sun for a short time or using a hair dryer to heat it up.
  • Use a spray bottle to spray room-temperature water on your car’s window tint.
  • Use a tiny pin to poke holes in window tint bubbles.
  • Use a credit card to smooth out tint bubbles by pressing them towards the nearest edge.
  • Allow your automobile to sit in the sun so that the small holes you caused in the tint can heal themselves.

It will require some patience and persistence on your side. However, you should be able to quickly remove window tint bubbles.

To reduce the chances of bubbles coming about, ensure that your tinting work is done in a reputable auto tint shop Springfield.

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