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Car Bodywork Protection Film: Understanding Stone Chips

car bodywork protection film

Stone chips are one of the most common problems that your car paintwork will come across. The chips are caused by gravel, rocks, and road debris that is flicked backward by the tires of cars in front of you. It’s difficult to avoid the chips, but experts recommend that you install a car bodywork protection film that will add an extra protective layer. While the chips are difficult to avoid, you can fix them.

Fixing the chips

There are two ways in which you can prevent the chips: doing it yourself and hiring a professional to help you out. You should consider fixing the dents on your own when the damage is shallow and small but if it’s extensive, let a professional address it.

If the cost is small, you should go ahead and attempt fixing it. You should start by cleaning the area with water. You should note that painting over things such as dirt tend to ruin the appearance of the final product. Also, the paint tends to fall off within a short time revealing the chip after a short time. After washing the area, dry it completely.

Since the chip is small, use a paint pen to fill it. When applying it, take caution that you don’t over apply the paint thus making it to drip. In the event you apply excess paint, wipe the excess immediately and thoroughly.

You can also fix medium sized chips if you have the necessary tools. Here you need to sand down the raised edges around the paint chip then apply a primer coat, followed by a paint coat. You should apply the paint in thin layers. If you have to apply several layers, let the first layer dry completely before applying the second.

After achieving the look you want, sand the area gently to make the surface the same level as the surrounding paint. You should note that you need a very fine grain wet sandpaper to do this. Once you are done, apply the final top coat to seal the stone chip repair and allow it to dry.


These are tips on how to fix a chipped car paint. As mentioned, you can prevent the chip by applying a protective car film, but this doesn’t give you a guarantee that the damage will not be there. When your car is damaged, you can fix it if the damage is small but if large, hire an experienced expert to help you fix it.

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