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Car Bodywork Protection Film And Other Ways To Maintain A Shine On Your Car


When you apply new car paint, you don’t want it to fade after a few days, do you? In addition to installing a car bodywork protection film, there are plenty of other ways to keep the shine on your car. Some of these ways include:

Wash your car regularly

When you wash your car regularly, you get rid of dirt, salt, and other debris. If you don’t remove these early enough, your car stands to suffer from rusting, permanent stains, and even corrosion.

You should wash the areas under your car to get rid of excess dirt and salt, especially during the cold months of the year when there is a lot of salt on the roads. For you to have an easy time washing underneath the car, you should use a pressure-washing hose.

While you are at it, wash or spray the insides of the car wheel arches.

Are there bird droppings on your car? Use water to remove the droppings. The droppings contain abrasive and acidic properties that can bring about a permanent stain on your car if you don’t remove them early enough.

You should cautiously remove the droppings while ensuring that you don’t cause any damage to the car. For you to prevent the droppings in the future, avoid packing the car in an area with birds.

Wax your car

When you wax your car you protect the paint on your car thus preventing corrosion from coming about. This is because you block water that might seep into scratches and chips on the car surface.

The cool thing is that even with minimal skills, you can easily wax your car. All you need to do is to buy a non-abrasive car wax from an automotive store and apply it to the surface of your car. For ideal results, apply it using a large soft sponge. You can also use a soft piece of cloth.

You should note that you should only apply the car wax to the painted parts of the car. If you apply the car wax on the rubber and plastic parts, the parts will stain giving your vehicle an ugly look. In the event, you accidentally apply the wax on these areas, remove it immediately using a commercial glass cleaning product.

You should then go ahead and buff the car with a clean, soft cloth until you remove all the wax that might be there.

Hide the minor scratches

It’s common for the car to develop scratches every now and then. For you keep your vehicle looking great, you need to cover this scratches as soon as they happen. For you to do it you need to purchase a commercial car polishing product from an automotive retail store.

You should then apply a small amount of polish to an applicator and gently rub it on the affected parts. You should note that some polishes are abrasive; therefore, you should test out the polish on a small area first before you apply it on the entire car.

Once you have applied the polish, check the scratched area and find out whether the scratch is still visible. If you can still see it, continue polishing it until you can no longer see the scratches.

Once you are done, wash the areas with soap and water to remove the polish after fixing the scratches. Experts recommend that you apply car wax to the areas that you treated with polish and shine them.

Apply paint to the small chips and deep scratches

The purpose of doing this is to prevent the affected areas from corroding. Start with getting touch-up paint from your car manufacturer or dealer. For ideal results, get paint that is the exact color of your car.

Chances are that you aren’t sure of the color of your car. If this is the case, you should ask an expert to help you out.

After getting the paint, squeeze a small amount of it into a cap then dip the point of a wooden toothpick into the paint. You should then use the toothpick to slowly apply the paint to the chipped or scratched area of the car.

Once you are done, clear car protection film installers Springfield VA recommend that you wait for the paint to dry up.

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