Why Hire a Car Window Tinting Company?
November 8, 2021
Common Auto Tint Mistakes to Avoid
November 26, 2021

Coming from engine tune-ups to maintenance and weekly washing. You must take good care of the inside and outside of your car. However, do you take ignore your car windows? They play a huge role and car window tinting is one of the ways you can take care of them. They are not just a visual aid and heat relief because they play a huge role in car maintenance.

When they are professionally installed, it can benefit your car’s performance and some might not realize it. The tinted windows are not just for aesthetic purposes and they can give you long-lasting benefits that protect your vehicle.

Depending on the vehicle’s size, the time needed for tinting windows ranges between 2 to 4 hours. Find out why tinting your car window is good for you.

Protects You from UV Rays

If you are directly exposed to sunlight while you drive, there are direct health impacts that can be damaging. Aside from the discomfort, you might get sunburned and experience other conditions. It also causes eye diseases like macular cataracts and degeneration.

The typical car window glass is not blocking you from UV radiation completely. It is best if the quality of your car window tinting is top quality from the highest UV protection there is. The best tint blocks 99% of harmful UV rays, and it keeps your skin protected while you drive.

Reduces Heat

Together with UV protection, heat plays an important role in the car’s ability to keep you cool. If you think about this, you are letting a lot of sun inside, and your car will become hotter. Therefore, your car must work harder to keep the cabin you have at a temperature that is comfortable.

In case your car needs to work harder, that is an indication that you are spending money on fuel. Therefore, tint installation saves you more money.

That is because the tint blocks 35% to 65% of the solar heat that is permeating the cabin. If you need heat blockage, you should simply choose a darker tint.

Protects You from Shattered Glass

Based on what was mentioned, window tinting benefits go beyond cosmetics. Aside from the health benefits, there are safety advantages when it comes to window tinting. When you meet an accident, the window tint minimizes the damage caused by that event.


If your car is not tinted, it is like a fishbowl that everyone can see inside your car. That means everyone can see what you are doing in your car.

This privacy is excellent when you are not inside your car and offers you more security. This is not going to let people see what you are doing inside. Aside from that, it deters onlookers or thieves from targeting your car.

Keeps the Glare out of Your Eyes

Glare can lead to accidents when they directly drive into the path and that is annoying. When you go to a car window tinting shop, this is one of the things they will tell you why you should push through with it.

Even if you do not have sunglasses, the tint offers maximum protection from glare. It is helpful if you know some of the tinting mistakes that car windows must avoid. You do not want to invest in a car window ting that does not give the protection you need.

You should look for window tint shops Springfield VA because they are reliable and will only give you the best value for your money. Keep in mind that car window tinting should be a priority when you have a car.   

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