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Why You Should Never Drive with a Chipped Windshield

In general, a cracked windshield can seem like minor cosmetic damage, like a small dent, but you should never ignore a damaged windshield. A chipped windshield will look unpleasant on your vehicle, and it can also be a safety concern.

You might think that driving with a broken windshield does not seem to cause danger, especially if you have paid for auto glass tinting. Yes, a window tint can help protect it but you should know that even a small chip or crack can get bigger, which poses serious safety issues and even legal consequences.

In case you are a new driver, you should know why it is never okay to drive with a chipped windshield. Read on now.

Accidents Caused by Limited Visibility

Chips and cracks can cause blurred vision and it becomes a distraction for any driver. Not to mention the water, dirt, and grime that gets collected inside the crack or above a chipped area, which decreases visibility. Impaired vision causes an accident while the driver might not see objects like small animals, rocks, or pits you will encounter along the road. You should make sure to not panic when you do.

There is a Structural Vulnerability

You can think of a strategically placed bed inside your house or a pillar in a cathedral. The windshield is very similar to a car structure. The windshield is not just a small piece of glass that will create a view because it protects you from being hit with bugs as well as flying debris as you drive. It is a main part of your vehicle’s structural strength, especially when you have smaller cars. In a roll-over accident or crash, the windshield will support the roof, and this prevents you from being crushed and thrown from your car. The windshield will also ensure the proper deployment of airbags.

You Will Attract Fines and Penalties

A cracked windshield is risky and illegal in a lot of municipalities, you should not drive a vehicle that will risk the safety of other drivers or passengers. Most of the time, a large chip or crack on the side of the driver is enough for a citation. Similarly to this, other states implement laws that need windshields to be free of chips, cracks, and even other distractions.

In addition, cracks and chips in the windshield can commonly cause inspection failure. Some states have stringent auto standards, and you must make sure that your windshield is in great shape.

Less Protection in Case You Have an Accident

The windshield will provide structural integrity to any vehicle and it acts as an element for load-bearing. When a car will suffer from a front-end collision, an intact windshield can transfer the force of the impact to the chassis and also downwards. Hence, this is away from the passenger/driver. A cracked windshield cannot do that and will break on impact instead. This will also affect an airbag’s correct deployment, which protects the driver and passenger from impression fractures to the facial and skull bones. A car window tint can help keep the pieces together, but the impact might be too strong.

Do Not Repair Cracks on Your Own

The DIY culture inspired a lot of car owners to try many types of auto repairs. Aside from that, a lot of repair kits in the market may encourage you to fix windshield chips. However, windshield repair requires precise expertise. You can damage the car further and cause cracks to spread if things go wrong.

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