Benefits of Car Window Tints
July 7, 2021
Shatter Proofing Your Car Windows
July 27, 2021

The sun can give us a lot of good benefits. It provides us light and allows us to make use of its light as energy to produce electricity with the use of the solar panels. But too much heat of the sun is no longer healthy. The sun also produces ultraviolet rays. This kind of ray is invisible to the human eye. It is also harmful to the skin and can cause different kinds of health risk factors. In order to protect us from this kind of ray, we apply sunblock products on our skin. And if we are driving, we install an anti-UV ray car window tint. There is a lot of car window tinting shop that can give you the right kind of tint that you will need.

Here are the different kinds of car window tints for you to choose from that blocks UV rays and be able to drive safely and comfortably.


The Dyed Car Window Tint is one of the most popular tints in the market. From the word itself “dyed”, it is being colored with dark colors in order to give you full protection for the ultraviolet rays. This kind of tint is perfect for places where the sun is always up and very glaring. It is also ideal for Asian Countries and countries that are near the equator where it is usually very hot.


If you are looking for a durable kind of tint, you can make use of the Metallized Car Window Tint. This tint is made from tiny particles of metal that are invisible to the eye. It is also responsible for keeping the interior of the car cool. The metallic particles have a shiny appearance when you look at it from the outside which will make your car look presentable.


Carbon-based car window tints are as durable as the Metallic ones. The only differences that they have are its appearance and the metal content. Carbon does not have any metallic particles in it. Which makes it easier for you to make a phone call, get a good signal for your radio and an accurate GPS tracking. Another great feature of this tint is that it blocks out at least 40% of infrared from the sun. And when it is already blocked, you will no longer have to worry about the heat in your car. And you don’t need to increase the temperature during the hot summer days. Or increase the heating during winter. It has the ability to keep a normal temperature in your car the way you wanted it to be.


Ceramic care window tint is one of the most expensive. But your penny is worth it because of its durability. It ceramic particles that have the ability to prevent 45% to 50% of solar heat. And if you really wanna be sure that there will be no ultraviolet rays that will enter your car, this is the perfect car window tint for you. Everything is made naturally and it is similar to carbon that can allow you to use your phone and radio freely without any signal interruption.


If you don’t want want to have a dark tint on your car, the crystalline car window tint is for you. It is a clear car tint that still has the ability to block the ultraviolet rays from the sun. It is inexpensive and yet it has the ability to make sure that you are comfortable whenever you are driving. It also has 1000 SPF to keep your skin and overall health safe. This kind of film is not made of metal but rather it is made from the natural elements just like the way crystals are made.

Basically, all tints have the same function. It is to protect you from the harmful effects of the ultraviolet rays. Get your own auto glass tinting Springfield VA so that you will be able to cruise down the road smoothly without any irritation from the sun. Car window tints can be both functional and decorative. It can be used to protect your privacy while making your car look good. And at the same time protect you from the heat of the sun that can affect your health.


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