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January 31, 2023
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February 22, 2023

Window tints are among the best car accessories today. Most of the time, car window tinting is installed to repel heat and harmful UV rays. You can also consider it a necessity considering the heat of the weather, especially if you are living in a big city.

Some people use it if they want added privacy. Depending on the type and brand of tint you are getting, the prices will vary. However, similar to any car accessory, the material can still experience wear and tear no matter the quality.

What you will notice when your window begins to wear out are the scratches, parts of the film, and bubbles because it is peeling off. Read on to learn more.

Why Remove Window Tint

 Aesthetic Purposes

Sometimes, you do not want tinted windows, even if they are in excellent condition. This can be very frustrating because the adhesive is at its strongest state. However, heat methods are going to work well against undamaged tint film. That means you can choose to use heat to remove tint film anytime.

Cut a Small Portion

By using a razor blade, you can cut the film open in one corner. You should not worry about your windows or the windshield will not be easily damaged by the blade if you do not press in too deep. You are going to need much finesse with this step, but it is best to be careful while you are doing it.

Newspaper and Soap

You will need newspaper and soap solution

1: Spray soap solution on the car window tint and cover it using a newspaper. You can leave it like that for at least one hour. You can keep respraying the solution every 15 minutes so the paper stays wet.

2: After you let the film soak for an hour, you can begin to peel off the film. You can use your fingernail or blade to begin fitting the window tint edge. It has to come off easily without leaving a sticky residue.

Peeling and Soaking

The slowest method you can do is also the top choice for problem windows and small areas. You can carefully cut an edge with a razor blade and then peel the film away. You should not worry about messy edges.

After the film is off, you can spray the area using soapy water and then scrape away the glue. You can finish off a round of glass cleaner.

Scrape Off All the Adhesives that Have Been Left Behind

You can scrape off all the adhesive residue that has been left on the glass using a razor blade. If you are worried about scratching the surface, you can keep it nice and wet. In case the glass dries up, you can spray more soapy water on it and continue scraping off the residue until everything has been removed.

Use Alcohol

Among the cheapest and most effective solvents today is a 90% isopropyl alcohol that can easily remove leftover glue.

You can put some on a rag so you can get rid of smaller spots and a spray bottle and a rag for bigger surfaces. Make sure to use this method in an area that is well-ventilated and avoid breathing in the fumes while you work.

Isopropyl alcohol can also be used to remove residue from the windshield.

A Nail Polish Remover Also Works

You can use it with a microfiber cloth, and elbow grease to remove the glue. Even if this method needs more effort, the process is going to bluff the windows in a beautiful sheen.

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