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June 13, 2019
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Tints Are Not Just for Cars: Other Applications of Window Tints

A lot of people would often associate window tints with vehicles. For one, having car window tinting installed on your car windows is important due to its several benefits. This includes the reduction of UV rays from entering your car interiors. It also provides safety and privacy for the driver and the passengers. For quality window tints, you can visit reliable window tint shops near you.

However, window tints are not only meant for automotive purposes. In fact, it can also be used for other purposes aside from your car, including residential and commercial windows. Nonetheless, it can also provide similar benefits as when it is used in vehicles.

Car window tinting: A basic review

As mentioned, auto window tinting is a popular car accessory that offers several benefits. It provides privacy depending on the tint’s darkness level. It can also reduce the amount of UV rays from entering the car interiors and potentially harming your car leather seats and even your exposed skin.

There are also different types of window tinting for vehicles. Window tints are usually made from polyester and have multiple layers for added protection. These are also meant to be waterproof and scratch-resistant. Likewise, it also has chemicals that block harmful UV rays which is one of the major features of window tints.

Among common types of auto glass tinting include:

  • Dyed car window film – has a heat-absorbing dye that not only absorbs excess heat from the sun but also enhances the vehicle’s aesthetic appeal.
  • Metalized window film – has metallic particles that help reduce the absorption of heat, but it can affect your phone and GPS signal due to its metallic content.
  • Ceramic window film – considered a high-end window tint and uses ceramic particles to reduce heat and improve visibility.
  • Carbon fiber window film – it can also enhance a car’s aesthetic appeal as well as block infrared light that can make your car too hot inside.

Other uses of window tints

Aside from vehicles, you can also window tints for other purposes. You can find a wide variety of window tints in window tint shops near your area. Most people would rather invest in curtains or window blinds to have sun protection and privacy. However, home window tints can also do the same as your curtains or blinds. Here are other uses of window tints.

Reduce excess sunlight and glare from entering the room.

Having a nice window can help let natural light come inside your house. However, too much light can make a room too warm and put you at risk of harm due to UV rays. One way to reduce heat and glare from entering the room is by installing a window tint.

Add privacy in the bathroom.

Window tints can also provide privacy especially if you are showering and your child is using the toilet at the same time. It will save you money from installing an additional shower door or buying a shower curtain that you have to change and wash every few weeks due to the accumulation of mold and mildew.

Make your kitchen cabinet contents private.

If you have cabinets with glass doors, you can install window tint. Not only can it add aesthetic appeal to your kitchen area but also keep your kitchen utensils private and secure.

Window tint installation tips

To ensure proper window tint installation whether it is for your car, office or home windows, you should only rely on professional window tint shops to do the job. You can DIY unless you have prior experience in window tint installation. Here are some installation tips to check whether the tint is installed correctly.

The window tint should be installed close enough to the window edge.

Also, the tint should have clean lines. An experienced window tint installer should be equipped with templates to ensure that the tint is cut as cleanly as possible. It should also have no presence of bubbles on the window tint as it can look unpleasant to the eyes.

It should not discolor over time.

Apparently, you would know if the tint is of poor quality if it turns purple over time. It should not fade and maintain its darkness level – but not purple.

Choose the right window tint.

Some window tints such as metallic ones can interfere with your phone signal. Instead, you can choose ceramic or carbon tints for heat and glare protection.

Be protected on the road and in your home

Not only can you benefit from using a car window tinting for your vehicle but also on your windows at home. For window tint needs, visit a car window tinting shop in Springfield VA today and choose from a wide variety of brands and tint levels.

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