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November 26, 2021
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December 17, 2021

When the majority of people think about window tints, they wonder about the sports cars that zoom around the streets with dark windows, so they will have a cool look. They can also think about SUVs that have darker rear windows so their children are kept away from the sun.

Window tints are more than just a modification since it also prevents road glare and shield your vehicle against harmful UV rays, which protects the interior and passengers. If you are curious about car window tinting, you should read this until the end.

Black Tint

This is as dark as you can go in car tinting because it is still legal and only for non-commercial vehicles.

Using a black tint, the UV light and glare that comes through the window are widely reduced. That means your car’s interior stays a lot cooler under the heat of the sun.

This type of car tint is non-metallic and it is not going to interfere with the radio show signal or mobile reception.

Dyed Car Window Tint

Dyed car window tint is the cheapest and simplest available tint. This is not the best one to get for UV protection, which provides little to nothing compared to other types. However, this is the easiest choice when you are concerned about appearance and privacy.

Dyed window car tint is produced by putting a thin dyed film between an adhesive layer that will stick to the car window, and there is an outer protective layer that prevents a window damage to the exterior. Since the tint is dyed, this window tint can have the darkest color compared to other tints.


Another option for you is a metalized window film. This kind of film has a couple of layers that is treated to keep ultraviolet radiation away, and then it is bonded to a metalized layer that can reflect heat and darken the window. Lastly, there is a protective film top coat that prevents scratches. Most of the time, metalized films will block everything out 10% to 40% of the light.


The hybrid window tint gives the best of dyed and metallic tints because it combines both. It will have metallic particles and dye between the adhesive and protective layer, which provides less reflectivity and fading potential while increasing the UV protection, window strength, heat deterrence, and privacy levels.

Hybrid is the middle ground when talking about the price, but it is all worth the expensive cost because it is practical and well-rounded.


This kind of window tint has a lot of advantages compared to other kinds of films. Its unique matte finish gives it an attractive look. The carbon content is helpful in blocking about 40% of the IR radiations that are meant for heating up the interior. This is helpful in making the interiors cool, and it prevents the upholstery from fading or slowing down.


This is the most complex and expensive car tint available, and it comes with a lot of advantages. However, they cannot be dark-colored because some tints decrease the privacy of people, and take away the cool appearance.

This one gives you the best heat, UV, and infrared protection and many other benefits.

If you are going to pay for auto window tinting Springfield VA, make sure it is the specific type you need and want.

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