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January 5, 2022
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Signs That it is Time for a Car Window Tint Replacement

The majority of car owners have an agreement that auto window tinting is an aftermarket addition you can choose to get or not. Even if there is a huge price tag that comes with it, the benefits outweigh the costs. Therefore, car owners hardly think twice about what they spend on it

However, everything has a lifespan especially the one in your car and tint. Even if the parts are well-maintained and cleaned, they normally go in the process of wear and tear.

Look out for these signs:

Bubbles and Air Pockets

When bubbles and air pockets start to form between the auto tint and the auto glass after the tint was applied is a sign that it needs replacement. You could have closed or opened the window before the tint had enough time to properly stick to the glass. However, it is normal for air pockets and bubbles to form after a couple of years, while the adhesive starts to weaken and the tint starts to lift. Regardless of when this has started to happen, it is a noticeable sign that your car tint needs replacement. It looks unattractive and this is clearly a sign that it no longer serves its purpose.

Peeling Edges

The distortion or breaking down of the tint after time is a sign that it needs replacement. This normally happens after many years of being exposed to the sun, which causes the tint to begin peeling.

Peeling film sometimes creates a crackling noise while the vehicle window is being rolled up or down. After some time, the adhesive that was originally required to apply the tints starts to harden and crystalize, making it tougher to remove the car tints. The different films used affect the time and effort it takes to replace and remove them.


One of the obvious signs that the car tint is aging is that you will notice a discoloration. Through time, prolonged sun exposure causes even the best tints to fade away. Most of the time it causes dark gray tints to turn into light purple shades. This fading normally happens gradually, and it can even occur unevenly, which causes dark and light patches, and the windows as well. This fading is an indication that the cart window tint is already compromised. You need to replace it soon if you want to make sure that your car’s interior is still protected. In case it felt like your tint is not long-lasting enough, keep in mind that premium tints tend to retain their color over time.

 Fuel Consumption Increase

Window tinting saves you fuel consumption because of your car’s interior cooler. If your car’s interior is cooler, your car’s air conditioner will not get overworked, which saves you extra fuel. If you begin to notice that your fuel is running out faster than before, there is a chance that the car tint is not functioning anymore.

Car Interior Starts to Fade

Maybe the clearest sign that your car needs re-tinting is if you noticed that the sun has started to damage your car’s interior. One of the main functions of window tinting is to block the UV rays to protect the interior of your car.

If you see any of these signs, you need to visit a car window tinting shop Springfield VA.

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