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Should You Add a Paint Protection Film to Your Vehicle?

Should you add a paint protection film to your vehicle? A paint protection film is a thermoplastic urethane film which is applied to painted car services of new or old cars to protect the paint from chipping, abrasions and bug splatters. Most people wonder why they need a car bodywork protection film for their car and whether it’s a worthy investment. In this article, we tell you why you should add the paint protection film to your vehicle.

Benefits of a Paint Protection for Your Car

  • Protect your paint from Scratches

You don’t want your car to be full of scratches, bird droppings or blemishes. If the outer of your car looks blemished and old that reduces the value of the car in spite of the car functioning optimally. The paint protection film will prevent your car from getting stained and will not allow any stain on your car. If you are hoping to sell your car in the future the car paint protection is crucial as that will help keep the car looking good. To get the best, make sure the paint protection film installers apply the film on your car

  • Protection from the Harsh Weather

The extreme temperature during summer and winter will take a toll on the paint in your car. The harsh UV rays during summer will cause the paint to fade while the ice in winter will leave your to paint dull. The car bodywork protection film will ensure that your paint is not damaged by extreme weather.

  • You Can Skip Waxing

Waxing gives your car paint a sparkle and shine, but when you have a paint protection film you don’t take trips to the car service station for a wax. The paint protection film will last longer as compared to waxing, which will melt when it’s hot. The protective film will look shiny and appealing for a long time.

  • Protect the Front Bumper

The front of any car gets damaged faster than the other part and the paint protection film will help protect the front of your car from stones and other objects that may damage the front. The film will keep your front looking as good as the rest of the car parts.

  • Increase the Value of the Car

The value of a car is shown first by the exterior appearance. The paint protection film will help keep your car looking good even as it ages. The protection film will keep your car appealing and the value of the car perked up. If you are hoping to resell your car in future, then you need to invest in a paint protection film.

  • Spend less Time on Car Care and Maintenance

The paint protection film makes it easy to take care of your car. The film will help prevent dust build up in your car and makes washing the car easier and faster. When you have a tight schedule and you don’t have time to take the car to the wash area, just use a rub your car with a clean cloth and your car will get the shine back.

The above are the reasons why you the paint protection film is a good idea an why you should have it.

Disadvantages of Paint Protection film

To weigh in on the discussion of whether you need the paint protection film or not fully we look at the cons of using the film

  • Cost

The paint protection film is an investment and a good quality one will cost some amount of money. The benefit of the film outweighs the money and therefore this can’t be regarded as a disadvantage entirely.

  • Wear and Tear

The main disadvantage of the film is that it will eventually wear out and needs to be replaced, but so will the car paint if it’s not protected. With proper care, a good quality film will last many years, so it’s actually worth the money.


Engage an Expert Installer

Yes, the car bodywork protection film plays a crucial role and it’s therefore important that you get an expert 3m paint protection film installers. The film is a worthy investment that will keep looking good and ensure your car retains its high value. To get the best visit the auto paint protection film shop Springfield and let the paint protection film installers check your car and advise on the best film for your car. The paint protection film is a long lasting and a comprehensive solution against harsh weather and any other objects that may affect the look of your car and reduce its value.

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