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Protective Car Film And Other Ways Of Protecting New Car Paint

protective car film

When you apply a new layer of paint on your car you want it to last for as long as possible. Unfortunately, you may be damaging your new car slowly without even knowing it. Parking your car in direct sunlight or even under a tree may be the reason why your car paint is slowly tarnishing. You may be wondering how best to maintain the shiny and fresh paint on your new car. There are several techniques to protect the paint as listed below.

Apply a protection film

A car bodywork protection film is a tough film that protects your car from stones and other pieces that might hit your car. The unit is made from different materials ideal for different types of cars. You can apply it on your own but for ideal results, let a professional do it for you.

Clean the car regularly

Make sure to wash your car regularly to remove any bird drops or spilled oil so as they do not corrode the top coat of the car. It is crucial to ensure you maintain a reasonable distance between the surface of the car and the pressure jet to avoid scratching off the paint.

Avoid parking in the sun

Direct exposure to sun rays may cause damage to the new paint of the car. Also, parking under a tree is not a good option since bird droppings and tree sap can eat through the paintwork. Wash the vehicle immediately you find bird droppings or dead insects to avoid ruining the paintwork.

Wax and polish occasionally

Make sure to use a suitable wax, since each type of wax may cause a different reaction to the paint. Regular polishing ensures that the car keeps its shiny and fresh paintwork.

Keep the car covered

If you park your car in the open air, it is important to keep it covered to protect it from mist and soot. In case you find a layer of these two on your car, dust it using a dry car duster. Avoid using water immediately as it may create harmful alkalis that can damage the car’s paint.


Maintaining a new car paint does not have to be a challenging task. Ensure you clean the car as regular as possible, install a protective car film, park your car under shady areas away from trees, wax occasionally and keep your car properly covered.

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