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Paint Protection Film Installers: 4 Things You Should Know About Car Detailing

As a car owner, it’s important that you detail your car. Paint protection film installers observe that many new car owners looking to detail their cars don’t understand about it. Have you recently bought a car? Here are a few things you should know about car detailing:

Car cleaning and car detailing aren’t the same

You should know that the services that you get from a car cleaning service isn’t the same that you get from a car detailing professional. In addition to car cleaning, car detailing also involves thorough decontamination of the entire car to ensure that the car is as clean as possible.

After cleaning the car, the professional then undertakes extensive paint polishing to remove any below-surface blemishes, swirl marks, and scratches. This is to ensure that the paintwork is as close to brand new as much as possible.

The car bodywork detailing professional will even apply a car paint protection coat aimed at protecting the paint for as long as possible.

You should avoid detailing the car by yourself

Some DIY enthusiasts have the notion that they can effectively detail their cars by themselves. While this is possible, you won’t give your car the same look that a good professional can.

Years ago (in the 70s), people used to detail their cars and they would get the same results as a professional. This was because the base-clear coat paint systems hadn’t been introduced and the paintwork at that time was a single stage paint. This means that polishing the paint was extremely easy.

In modern times, all cars have the after base-clear coat paint systems and the base-clear coat is hard and impossible to polish with your hands.

There are DIY products in the stores but they are mainly waxes, glazes, and sealants that contain fillers and resins that don’t have enough abrasives to level the minor scratches and blemishes you find in cars.

When you use them on your car, you simply fill or mask the imperfections so that the car looks good for only a short time. Once the wax fades, the car goes back to its original, horrible condition.

When the detailing work is done by a professional, any paint correction is done professionally and its permanent. This means that it can’t be washed and you won’t have to do it again after a week or two.

If you would seriously want to detail your car as well as a professional, you will need to invest in the right equipment. Some of the machines you need include: compounds, chemicals, clothes, and other miscellaneous items that can cost you up to $2000.

In addition to coughing out this amount, you will also need to learn how to use the machines properly so that you can achieve ideal results.

You need to detail your car even if its new

While the modern paints are tough and resist the harmful UV rays, extensive exposure of the car to the rays often leads to coat fading and failure.

One of the ways of protecting your car is by waxing the car. You also need to apply a sealant that will protect your car from chemicals such as those found in bird or bat poo. For you to give your car permanent protection, you will need to apply a permanent coat that can’t be washed away by water and will give your car long term protection.

Always pay attention to the price

Just like in any other industry, there are no two car detailing professionals that are the same. This means that you will find cheap and expensive detailers. As you might have guessed, the expensive detailers often provide high-quality services, but not all the time.

One of the things that can guide you towards a good professional is the reviews. You should visit a number of car detailing professionals and see their reviews. If there are no online reviews, ask the professionals to provide you with references.

It’s your responsibility to contact the references and get to know about their experience with the company. As rule of thumb, you should ensure that the detailing professionals or clear car protection film installers Springfield VA provide high-quality services and are fun to work with.

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