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How UV Radiation Damages the Interior and Exterior of Your Car

It is true that excessive exposure to the sun can harm human skin. UV radiation can also damage the interior of your car. When you leave your car under the sun for a considerable period, there can be a rise in temperature that could reach 145 degrees F. Contrary to what a lot of car owners think, the dashboard and seats are not just interior components that can get damaged by UV radiation.

Regardless if you live in an area with sunny weather the whole year, or you just require protection for specific times of the year, your car’s interior will still need protection. Installing a high-quality window tint contributes to protecting your investment.

Hence, the importance of auto glass tinting that everyone should be aware of and why it is worth it.

The Dashboard Coloring Will Begin to Fade

When the sun shines brightly in summer, it will be more difficult to resist the temptation to open the roof or roll down the car window while driving. However, you should remember that getting exposed to direct sunlight adversely affects the dashboard of your car or other surfaces. In a lot of cases, the risk comes when you leave your car parked outdoors under direct sunlight.

The Car’s Upholstery can Get Damaged

When your car is exposed to UV light for a prolonged period, or heat conditions when you park it outdoors, the condition of your car’s upholstery can worsen. For instance, if you are leaving leather upholstery, excessive sunlight and heat dry the natural oils of the contained material. They can begin to dry out, harden and tear. Car seat leather covers are normally processed so they can be resistant to sun damage. However, this will only show inevitability since the coating can be damaged by UV radiation. This way, upholstery can dry and rot from heat when your car is left outdoors.

Stripping Damage to Rubber Weather

Even if they are not the interior of your car, the rubber weather stripping outdoors can keep the interior habitable. The stripping will prevent air, dust, water, and debris from going inside the cabin. Therefore, guaranteeing the car occupants’ comfort.

When you expose it to the sun, the car’s rubber weather stripping can suffer from the sun. Aside from protecting rubber weather stripping damage using protectants, tinting car windows enhances durability. The rubber stripping will get exposed to UV rays that go into your car, therefore you will see the importance of car tints.

There are Safety Risks

This is not the first area that a lot of car owners think of, but it is normally the most important to drivers and passengers. The high temperature inside the car, which is mainly caused by UV rays, damages airbags, and they might have to be rendered inoperable in high temperatures, which is a major safety risk.

Aside from that, consistent high-temperature exposure and UV rays are known to impact tire pressure. In case you do not check the pressure levels regularly, you might be unsafe while driving without being aware of it.

Electrical Components can get Damaged

The electrical components of your car are susceptible to damage if you leave it exposed to unfiltered UV rays for an extended period. These can include navigation, a radio system, and electrical connections under your dashboard or even the vehicle floor.

With temperatures in the car reaching 145 degrees F on a hot summer day, exposed electrical components like cable connectors and wires can crack or expand. When you leave wires exposed, the electrical system can malfunction.

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