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How to Protect Your Newly Installed Windshield

The windshield of your car is more than just an addition; it is an important car component and provides structural support to your car against flying debris and wind. In addition, your car’s windshield provides you with a lot of safety. If you meet an accident, the windshield will provide you and your passengers with any strong impact. A chip or crack leads to a structurally-weak windshield, making you prone to injury during an accident or collision.

That being said, you should also protect your windshield. It is not just about paying for auto window tinting because there are other ways that you can do that. Read this article until the end to find out more.

The Area Inside and Outside Your Car Should be Clear

You need to make sure that while the seal is drying, there should not be anything that pushes against the windshield or touches the urethane. It is recommended that the dashboard must be kept on your car’s exterior. You should also avoid using a sun shield from the inside.

Leave the Retention Tape There

After installing your new windshield, the technician is going to leave the retention tape n. This is going to keep the glass in place while curing.

You might feel tempted to remove it, but you must not do that for 24 to 48 hours. If you are unsure, you can ask them when the tape can be removed.

If you remove the retention tape before it was able to cure completely, particles and dust can get stuck to the windshield’s adhesive. This causes the connection between frame and glass to weaken, which makes your windshield susceptible to any damage.

Do Not Drive Your Car Right After Installation

After your windshield is newly installed, you must keep the vehicle off of the road for a few hours. The adhesive that has been used during the installation needs some time to settle and completely dry up. Even if you might feel the temptation to immediately start driving to show off the fresh, shining windscreen, you should not do it at all. Most of the time, the adhesive they use is made of urethane, and this requires curing for at least 24 hours. The hours would depend on specific factors like temperature, humidity level, temperature, and other environmental conditions. In case the adhesive used is of average quality, it takes a lot more time to completely dry. You should ask the technician to know the curing time.

Your Windows Should be Left Slightly Open

Unfortunately, the high-pressure buildup in your car can unexpectedly happen, especially with the high temperatures of summer.

When there is a buildup of pressure, the windshield can get pushed outward and fall out from any position. Your adhesive seal might not push and it could create openings around the frame. You can expect to experience unsafe leaks if you drive around with a compromised windshield.

If you want to avoid this, you need to roll down your windows a little after the installation. You can also choose a parking spot that is not under direct sunlight.

Avoid Washing Your Car

The water pressure in car washes can displace the new moldings easily. If you want to make sure that the moldings do not shift or get ruined, you should avoid going to a high-pressure car wash, automatic ones, etc. for at least 48 hours, or else they will not set properly. If you want to wash your car during the first 48 hours, you should do a handwash. You also cannot install a car tint  if it is not yet dry.

After the windshield is complete, you can already take it for auto glass tinting Springfield.

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