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October 19, 2021
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Car Tint Problems and How to Address them

Your car window tint is of immense value and benefit. It’s therefore important that you choose the right one and choose the right auto tint installer. A well-installed tint will offer you protection from the harsh UV rays and also make your car look amazing. Car window tinting requires expert installation, otherwise, the end result will be disappointing. In this article, we tell you window tinting problems and how to solve them. Its best to take your car to a window tint shop and let the expert do the installation to avoid any problems and in case of any arising issue, they will know how to rectify the tint.

Car Tint Types

Before we discuss the various auto window tinting problems we look at the different tints that are available. Choosing the right tint will minimize problems during installation.

  • Dyed Car Tints

The tint has dye between the outer layer which is protective and the adhesive. its cheap and gives your car effect a dark effect. It can block huge amounts of UV lights from entering the car.


  • Reduces light glare
  • It’s affordable
  • Doesn’t reflect


  • The layers may separate with time
  • If applied incorrectly may result in air bubbles
  • May fade especially due to exposure to harsh UV rays
  • May not be so effective in blocking UV rays


A metallic film is sandwiched between the outer layer and the adhesive layer. It blocks the UV lights and reflects the radiation away from the car. It also has a protective layer that prevents scratches. It’s blocks around 80% of the light


  • Durable and long lasting
  • Doesn’t fade and effectively blocks UV rays
  • Reflects radiation rays making the car cool


  • May look shiny and that’s not appealing for everyone
  • The metal layer may be a distraction when making calls or using the radio
  • Much more expensive than the dyed films


Hybrid tints are made from both dye and the metallic film bonded together by adhesive.


  • Blocks glare, heat and UV lights
  • Reduces the reflective effect
  • Will not interfere with radio and mobile signals
  • Its durable and doesn’t fade
  • It’s cheaper than the metallic film


  • The auto tint doesn’t have a major disadvantage and the only con is that it’s more expensive than the dyed auto tint.

Ceramic tints

Ceramic auto window tint has an adhesive layer, a thin ceramic layer, and a protective top layer.


  • They will reflect the radiation away from the car
  • The tint will not fade
  • Will not interfere with the signal
  • Its efficient in blocking UV rays


  • It’s expensive

Carbon films

Carbon auto tint has a matte finish and it’s shatter-resistant making more attractive. It blocks out 70% of the infrared rays, UV rays, and UVB rays.


  • It’s stylish and attractive
  • Keeps the cool and block out the high light percentage
  • It doesn’t fade, and it provides security features during an accident


  • It’s expensive

Crystalline films

Crystalline films are clear and block ultraviolet rays and radiation. Its able to reflect more than 97% of the heat.


  • Doesn’t fade
  • Allows visibility because if its clear nature
  • It’s cheaper compared to other films
  • Durable and will last long
  • It doesn’t contain any metal
  • Gives your car an attractive appearance


  • It doesn’t provide privacy

Before you choose an auto window film consult the expert on which one works for your car, fits in budget and suits your needs.

Car Tint Problems and How to Address Them

  • Bubbles

Bubbles may form on the tint of your car due to various reasons including harsh UV rays. Too much heat in the interior will trigger the formation of bubbles. Take your car to the nearest window tint shop and let the expert repair the tint

  • Film Peeling off

Peeling can result from trapped moisture due to high temperatures. The water molecules cause the film to peel off. If the peel is small the auto tint installer can do  sectional replacement but if it’s huge it will require replacement of the whole tint.

  • Blurry windows

Blurry windows result from tint collecting dust particles, cigar particles or any other dirt. If the tint has just been installed make sure that you give it time to cure because that will also result in blurry windows that prohibit vision. The tint may also appear blurry if its old. Take your car to the auto window tinting expert and get it checked to determine what is causing the blurry appearance.

It’s important that you get the right tint for you and follow the right maintenance instructions. In case you experience any of the above problems take your car to the auto tint shop Springfield and the expert installer will sort out the issue.



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