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October 31, 2018
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Car Bodywork Protection Film And Other Ways Of Protecting The Car Bodywork

No one likes having an ugly car. Other than installing a car bodywork protection film, there are plenty of other ways in which you can maintain your car in top condition. Some of these ways include:

Wash the car regularly

When you wash your car you get rid of dirt, salt, and other debris from the surface. You should note that all of these materials are known to cause permanent stains, corrosion, and rusting; therefore, when you remove them, you protect your car.

When cleaning the car, you shouldn’t simply clean the body of the car. You also should clean under the car to get rid of dirt and salt. For you to properly clean under your car you need to use a pressure washing hose.

You also should pay attention to the insides of the car’s wheel arches. You should wash and spray the insides getting rid of any dirt and salt that might be there.

It’s common to have bird droppings on the surface of your car, especially if you park your car under a tree. Bird droppings are acidic and abrasive and can permanently stain the insides of the car if you don’t remove them soon enough.

When you notice the droppings, you should use water to remove them. For you to minimize the chances of the droppings being on your car, you should park your car under a canvas instead of under a tree.

Wax your car regularly

In addition to cleaning the car regularly, you also need to wax it. Waxing the car protects the paint and prevents corrosion from coming about. It does this by blocking water from seeping into the scratches that might be on the car bodywork and chip the car’s surface.

You should be cautious of the type of wax that you buy. When making the purchase, go for non-abrasive car wax from a reputable store. When it comes to application, you should apply it on the surface of the car using a large soft sponge. You can also use a soft piece of cloth.

During the application, apply it only on the painted sections of the car. You should note that when you apply it on the rubber or plastic parts, the areas might stain permanently giving your car an ugly look.

It’s common for you to accidently apply the wax on the rubber and plastic areas. When this happens, you should get rid of the wax as soon as possible. For ideal results, use a commercial glass cleaning product to remove it.

After applying the wax, you should buff the car with a clean, soft cloth.

Rustproof the car

Do you live in humid areas of the country? It’s important that you rustproof your car. Car professionals also recommend that you rustproof the car if you live in areas where your car constantly comes into contact with salt.

By rustproofing your car, you add an extra layer of protection thus protecting the car from corrosion. Just like when buying the wax, you should buy the rustproofing agent from an authorized and reputable repair store.

How you apply the rustproofing product is integral as applying it the wrong way will lead to unwanted results. As rule of thumb, apply it by strictly following the instructions given by the manufacturer.

Cover the paint chips

Regardless of how well you maintain your car, it’s common for the paint to have small chips. To prevent the affected parts from corroding you should apply paint on them.

All you need to do is to buy touch up paint from the car manufacturer or dealer. When getting the paint, ensure that the color exactly matches the color of the car. It’s always wise that you go with your car to the dealer so that you don’t get the color wrong.

The right way of fixing the chips is to squeeze a small amount of paint into a cap then dip a wooden toothpick into the paint. You should then use the toothpick to slowly apply the paint to the affected area.

You can paint the car by yourself but if you aren’t confident in your skills, ask paint protection film installers Springfield VA or any other professionals to help you out.

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